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Withybed Moorings of Alvechurch

0121 447 7313

Withybed Moorings Ltd has now been operational since 3rd September 2018 and is being received positively with customers taking adavantage of the facility with short and long stay moorings.

We are now securely gated at our car park entrance with an automated gate, we are still awaiting confirmation of a license to sell diesel from HMRC controlled oils whilst all the retail facilities are in place to go forward.

The stock fences are being put in place around the base of the hillside to enable the grazing animals to assist in the vegetation control (and produce some of our wonderful Lamb & Mutton and Pasture fed Beef seasonally available from our pop up farm shop.

Going forward we have plans to install a footbridge across our internal canal side entrance structure to enable a quicker walking route around the site and will be constructing a barbecue area for customers use.